V/A - Eisiges Licht - CD - 11 tracks - Eis & Licht - 2003

'Eisiges Licht' is a promotional compilation released last summer by the German label Eis & Licht. Eleven tracks taken from Eis & Licht (or friendly labels like Heidenvolk and goeart/Grunwald) releases are present on the CD. Three of them have only been released on vinyl so far... 'Der Falken Flug' (extract from the Darkwood 10" 'Weltenwende'), 'L'Homme Armé' (extract from the 10" Camerata Mediolanense 'L'Alfiere'), 'Ewige Gegenwart' (extract from the 'Aryana' Leger Des Heils LP)... whereas 'Horizon' is taken from the forthcoming Lux Interna CD. Other Eis & Licht artists featuring on this sampler are Ostara, Sonne Hagal, Cawatana, Scivias, Dies Natalis and Forseti. The CD comes in a two-sided cardboard slipcase with a nice and informative booklet about Eis & Licht activities, including the contacts of the artists.
You can purchase this sampler for a modest price (3 euros) or for free if you order two items directly through Eis & Licht... which is also an active way to directly support this pioneer label in the neofolk genre.

This compilation offers an interesting overview of Eis & Licht releases, tastes... through this fine selection of apocalyptic folk & pop music.

Recommended for the neophytes who would like to discover the best of folk noir... as for the connoisseurs, they will not miss or already have this 'Eis & Licht Best Of', for sure...

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2003

Contact: www.eislicht.de