8 tracks - Runes And Men & Misty Circles - 2002

Der Feuerkreiner is an Italian formation formed by Valentina Castellani (vocals) and Frederico Flamini (music and vocals). This first album, co-produced by Runes & Men and Misty Circles, is the follow-up to a four-track demo, which had remained more or less anonymous...
The music of this Italian duo reminds, by its symphonic and martial aspect, the atmospheres of Der Blutharsch or The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud whilst tracks like 'Sophie' clearly take their source from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio... Nevertheless, this is not one of the countless pale imitations of the previously mentioned bands... Der Feurkreiner's music explores the symphonic, martial, lyrical ways... whilst the lyrics are directly inspired from the poems of Christian Morgenstern. The track 'Die Westkusten' built around Valentina's talented voice accompanied by an orchestration all in half-tones lets the band express its real potential.
This CD is limited to 250 copies and comes in a booklet (Italian format, oblong) illustrated with sepia photographs.
An interesting project. To be followed closely...

Nathalie F.
January 2003

Translation: Ian C.

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