APATHEIA - Lifethesis - CDR - 13 tracks - Stridulum Recordings - 2003

Apatheia is a neofolk Swedish formation formed by L. Andersson in 2001. After an ultra-confidential demo and a (now deleted) mp3.com cdr 'Beyond Passion', the band has finally released their first full-length cdr album 'Lifethesis' on the promising new Italian label Stridulum Recordings.
Apathia used acoustic guitar, violin, percussions, flute/pipes, trumpet and male vocals to compose these thirteen classic sounding neofolk ballads. Thirteen catchy songs, brimming with sunlight and life, which sound astonishingly refreshing to my jaded ears. Songs that cover a variety of styles and form a pleasant and mature album full of superb songs like 'Our Time', 'Misanthropy without Tears', 'Mr Brown Looks Awfully Pale Today', 'This Cannot Be'...
As can be expected of a first album, some influences can be heard, but for once these influences are not only limited to Death In June, Sol Invictus or Current 93, and encompass other excellent formations such as OTWATW, Dies Natalis, Karnnos or Seven Pines... But in this case, these influences are not glaringly obvious and are more like hints, faint (and pleasant) impressions of a familiar style, that give a good indication of the creative path followed by the artist. L. Andersson has manifestly digested all these influences as his music shows all the telltale signs of a strong personal artistic vision. A vision that has no need for all the usual clichés that seem to have become the 'compulsory decorum' of the genre and instead draws its inspiration from the light of the unvanquished sun...

An excellent debut album that holds plenty of promises for the future.

'Lifethesis' comes in a dvd box and is a limited edition of a 100 copies. But, even if I've heard of a possible repress, it is best to act fast before it's too late...

Ian C.
Spring 2003.

Apatheia: www.apatheia.tk
Stridulum Recordings: www.stridulum.cjb.net

Unfortunately, I was unable to get hold of 'Beyond Passion'. If anyone can burn me a cdr copy, please get in touch.