AMON - Aura - 7" - 2 tracks - Drone Records - 2002

Released on the German label Drone Records in January 1998 under the form of a first limited edition of 250 copies, today sold out, this same label has reissued this 7" 'Aura' from the Italian project Amon as a second edition, limited this time to 300 copies.
A godsend for the amateurs of what is today the darkest of dark ambient music. The two tracks created and assembled by Andrea Marutti between September and October 1997 undeniably impose a descent into the depths of the earth... Thus, 'Aura rhanes' dictates from the start an ambience, a very picturesque atmosphere... the feeling that this music can only come from the bowls of the earth, an impression accentuated by the successive waves of long drones that maintains us in these depths, before including, as a finale, a small melody that progressively seems to bring a relative calm to conclude the track... a particular experience for the auditor that can only be recommended.
The second track 'Rhauna ares', an anagram of the first, draws on the same emotions, the waves of drones leaving space to a more diffuse ambience, less claustrophobic but just as dark.
This orange and black marbled 7" comes in cover that reproduces two evocative (if it was necessary...) strange and magnificent photos and offers two excellent dark ambient tracks that will lead you into unimagined depths...

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Winter 2003

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