ALLERSEELEN / Ô PARADIS - Funke / El Astro Rey - 7" - 2 tracks - Aorta - 2003

Released last month on Aorta, 'Funke / El Astro Rey" is a 7" split between Allerseelen and the highly promising Catalan formation Ô Paradis.
Remember that Gerhard and Demian have already collaborated (together with Rosa Solé from Circe) on the 'Canco de somni/Marques de Pubol' 7".
As the cover suggests, the Sun is the central entity of this new 7" that opens with 'Funke', the Allerseelen song recorded on the 30th December 2002. A contribution in the same vein and sonority as the last album 'Abenteuerliches Herz'. The song is based on electronic sounds/loops, industrial elements and a lively and repetitive rhythm on which Gerhard lends his voice with a text in German of his composition, inspired by the Sun, the Fire and the sparks ('funke'). The sparks being one of its components... An enlightening song that one can not help playing again and again...
On the second side, features the Ô Paradis contribution 'El Astro Rey' that explores another facet of this star and creates a darker mood... There is, actually, nothing else to say than: another gem! The presence of all these elements makes Ô Paradis one of the very few exciting project of the moment: Demian's incomparable voice singing in Spanish, the variety of sonorities ranging from trip hop to folk, the melancholic and floating atmosphere and the 'little something' that makes a song an unforgettable one...... Truly, one of the most beautiful Ô Paradis's song I have had the chance to listen to!

A rare alchemy on a split that, I hope, will lead these two excellent formations to collaborate on a longer format...
This 7" is available directly from Aorta or all other good mail-orders for a very reasonable price, contrary to all the uninteresting limited e-bay editions.
A record for music lovers...

Nathalie F.
Spring 2003

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