ALIO DIE - The Way of Fire - 7" - 2 tracks - Drone Records - 2002

Two tracks composed and recorded in December 1993 by Stefano Musso, mastermind of the Italian project Alio Die, are present on this 7" 'The Way of Fire" released by the German label Drone Records.
The first edition, limited to 250 copies, now sold out, saw the day in December 1998. Luckily, for the latecomers a second edition limited to 300 copies is available since April 2002.
Two excellent tracks in the purest dark ambient linage, inspired by Nature and integrating natural elements to the musical composition.
A first self-titled track lasting around 10 minutes, built around a repetitive melody to which multiple elements (other melodies, long drawn-out sounds, bird twitters...) are grafted that is punctuated by a deformed voice that makes one think of the rending scream of wounded unknown wild beast... chilling! Then, slowly, a hammering noise comes to accentuate the track's rhythm to finish on the final screams of the 'Beast' that come to icily punctuate this excellent first side!
The second track 'Thank you lucky star', perhaps not as dark as 'The Way of Fire', will leave no one unaffected; the ring of a bell is present to assure a rhythm evolving on long swathes of drones...

Pure dark ambient of excellent standards that will plunge the auditors into the heart of the unrevealed mysteries of Nature...

Highly recommended!

Nathalie F.
Winter 2003

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