BABYLONE CHAOS - Transmission 1.618 - CD-R - 6 tracks - Autoproduction - 2003
Originally released in 2000, the recent name change of the formation from Radio Massacre to Babylone Chaos has just offered this CD-R a second birth... And it happens at the right moment, as this auto-production reveals a talented project.
This CD-R contains 6 tracks ranging from experimental to pure noise. The use of multitudes of noise samples, taken from a wide range of sources (from classical compositions to sounds taken from everyday life) is more than manifest, mixed with pulsating drones, saturations, abrasive noise loops...
The result is interesting, complex and sometimes even danceable like on 'Turbulances Baroques'. Influences span from Throbbing Gristle to Coil and some similarities with Haus Arafna are at times obvious. Nevertheless each track reaches its point, through a complex sounds collage creating a dark and hypnotic universe...
A promising dark industrial French project I recommend to keep an ear on...
Nathalie F.
Contact: Babylone Chaos

BASTARD NOISE/ IGOR KRUTOGOLOV/CHAOS AS SHELTER - The Geometry of Soul - CD - 5 tracks - Topheth Prophet - 2003
Second release of the Israeli label Topheth Propheth after the promising compilation 'Tel Aviv Aftermath', 'The Geometry of Soul' is the result of the collaboration between Bastard Noise, Igor Krutogolov and Chaos As Shelter. Bastard Noise (formerly Man is the bastard noise) is the project of Eric Wood. Igor Krutogolov, present under the name of Igor18 on the 'Tel Aviv Aftermath' compilation and on the beautiful 'Infernal Proteus' musical herbal as well, is a Chaos As Shelter collaborator. He is also known for being involved in the project Agnivolok. As for Chaos As Shelter, their very consequent discography (eleven albums and three singles since 1999) speak for itself.
The CD contains five tracks ranging from ritual, traditional music/singings mixed with noise, experimental and post-industrial elements, to pure power noise... This is certainly not an accessible record to listen to, partly due to the diversity of music and the mixing of sonorities with different roots/origins, but these five compositions succeed in confronting, in an interesting way, opposed musical elements... The result, obviously, is not just a collage of tracks… it strangely captures a something, be it in the listener's unconscious, which makes this CD well worth listening to.
The CD comes in a in a blue, black and gold cardboard cover and is limited to 500 copies.
Nathalie F.
Contacts: Bastard Noise - Chaos As Shelter + Igor K. - Topheth Prophet

DE PROFVNDIS CLAMAVI - Encefalopatia Espongiforme - CD-R - 6 tracks - Slaughter Productions - 2002
De Profvndis Clamavi is a Spanish death-industrial-ambient project. Originally self-released at the end of 2001 as a cdr-demo titled 'Anno 2001: Encefalopatia Espongiforme', in reference to the mad cow disease, this debut was re-released a few months later through the Slaughter Productions label. The cdr, limited to 100 copies, comes in a dvd box and contains 6 tracks revealing a dark, claustrophobic, deranging atmosphere. A mixture of heavy loops, a distorted voice, noise, cadenced rhythms makes this first try pleasant to listen to. The track 'Tempus" featured on the Funeral 6 compilation released in Autumn 2001, and more recently the title 'La Caja' was included on the Cynfeirdd sampler 'Friendship Into Decadence' that came with issue 17 of the magazine.
At the moment, De Profvndis Clamavi is working on a new album that should sound more ambient and obscure. Those impatient to listen to more than this 30 minutes length-demo should, hopefully, not have to wait too long...
Nathalie F.
Contact: De Profvndis Clamavi - Slaughter Productions

FINALDOLL - prolifere - 3" - 5 tracks - 3patttes records - 2003
'prolifere' is the first release of the new born French label 3patttes and is the result of a collaboration between Planetaldol and Final Cut. This 20 minute-long CD-R is composed of five tracks dealing mainly with organic, cold, introspective and electronic atmospheres... the dark ambient sonorities present on the previous Planetaldol works seem to have left place to more organic, experimental and electronic sounds... The terms 'fusion', 'magma' could be quite appropriate to describe some parts of the music and pictures evoked...especially for the opening track 'isolement' and even more for 'bruine'; whereas the deep electronic waves on 'mInutMaid' create a 'melancholic' atmosphere… In five tracks, Finaldoll reveals different facets of ambient music… and in a very mature way.
Another good point is the 3" format of this release that suits perfectly this kind of ambient musical project...
A very promising and successfull first release that makes 3patttes a French experimental label to follow closely....
A compilation based on the 'Maniac' soundtrack is actually in the works. For more details, check the 3patttes website…
Nathalie F.

GRANDCHAOS - La forge - MCD - 5 tracks - Galaxy Records - 2003
Grandchaos is the side project of Tcheleskov Ivanovitch founder of the Belgian formation IDLO.
'La forge' is his second solo album after 'Pèlerin', both released on Galaxy Records. This new MCD contains five tracks (written and mixed between September 2000 and October 2002) dealing mainly with minimal dance, electro/ebm with dark vocals...
This is not really the music I take pleasure to listen to but I admit these five tracks are efficient and well realised in the genre...
Minimal electro lovers should keep an ear on it...
Nathalie F.

K:Y:L - Capitulo I: Recuerdos - CD-R - 6 tracks - Autoproduction - 2003
K:Y:L is a Spanish band born in October 2002 and formed by Sara and Keni. This demo-cdr titled 'Capitulo I: Recuerdos' was self released in May 2003. It contains 6 tracks dealing with different facets of ambient music: noise, industrial, atmospheric, dark... mixed with electronic sounds, percussions and aided mainly by the female vocals of Sara (even if Keni's voice features on the eponymous and more industrial track 'Recuerdos'). The lyrics are taken from Sara's poems and used as spoken words in a way that inevitably reminds me of the first Decadence female singer Alexandra... One can't deny the Cold Meat sound influences as well.
All in all, an interesting and solid demo that suggests a full lenght K:Y:L album could be very pleasant to listen to... For the moment, K:Y:L features on the 'Borrando El Cielo Con Sangre De Disparar' compilation on Antiphonal Records (that might be out, I presume) with the song 'Necrophilia'.
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