Wastescape - R'lyeh

On first view, when seeing the photo of the rather hairy members of this formation, and influenced by their name, you think you have a black metal record between your hands, even more so when one learns they come from Sweden. But, once this bad moment is passed and the first notes of this 4 track ep resound, one is agreeably surprised by the rich and nostalgic compositions, which, like Proust's madeleine, remind you of the great gothic years of Fields of the Nephilim and of Rose of Avalanche. Indeed, there is no revolution here, but this taste of already heard is quite agreeable, the compositions are somewhere between the two previously mentioned bands. A very classic instrumentation - guitar, bass and drums - is more than sufficient to create that particular atmosphere that existed so naturally fifteen years ago. For all those who still regret Carl Mc Coy & Co.

Stéphane F.
April 2002

Contact :
Skottvägen 6
35253 Växjö

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