Volksweerbaarheid - Voorwarts Lisse ! - Demo CD-R - 8 tracks - 2002

This is the first demo from the Dutch dark folk project Volksweerbaarheid. It is a live recording regrouping eight songs recorded during two concerts given in their homeland during the month of October 2002. Volksweerbaarheid play short and direct songs based on strong military percussions, acoustic guitars and a stern male voice to which are added a few samples and some discreet keyboards. Although these are live recordings, one can sense the stark beauty of songs such as 'Bunker des aanstoots', 'Een Duits dienstmeisje' and 'Geen defaitisme!'. One can only be impressed by the bands apparent ease on stage and the overall intensity of their live performances. Call me old fashioned, but a band capable of such a good live performance is definitely worth following and I'm impatient to hear a studio release from this promising formation. In the meanwhile, I'll just press replay...

An impressive debut that is well worth checking out.

Ian C.
Autumn 2002

email: information@volksweerbaarheid.nl
web: http://www.volksweerbaarheid.nl/