VEINKE - Collection III - The Black Summer - CD - 7 tracks - Triumvirate - 2000

Excellent material created throughout Winter 1999, D. Marvin delivers with 'Collection III - The Black Summer' a music that is inevitably dark, graced with more ritual passages but also that associates marvellously more noisy moments....
The album opens with an icy, rather minimalistic first track that superposes different layers of dark electronics... before leaving way to a second title which begins with more industrial sounds, enhanced later on by the presence of experimental and disturbing metallic percussions... A track that gains in intensity with the apparition of a chorus of male voices that definitely plunges the track into a ritualistic atmosphere.
Then comes more than twenty minutes of one long single track that explores the darkest paths of experimental ritual music... a trip to the darkest depths of the thoughts and the acts of each any everyone... with percussions marking a quasi mystic rhythm and a masculine voice declaiming words on a ritualistic tone make this track of the best in the genre...
The album then turns towards noisier and heavier sounds where vocal distortions and machinery noises are largely present, before leaving room to a power noise sound wave with the track 'v'. The album closes with two rather noisy experimental tracks where no one is able to push back the most deranging, the most cruel images born in each ones mind while listening to theses sonic samples...

Seven tracks of ritual dark ambient that will interfere with depths of your subconscient...


Nathalie F.
Autumn 2002
Translation: Ian