Tungüska - S/T - CD - Oktagon

Although this record was released in the second half of the year 2000, it only reached my ears a few months ago. And the wait was well rewarded. Tüngunska is a duo coming from one of the most musically interesting countries of the moment : majestic Italy. The music is synthetic, electronic and cold, rigid and contemplative. The compositions show some affinities with Kirlian Camera, during their most electronic moments and also with Runes Order for the repetitive and misty melodies. At times, one logically think of Kraftwerk too, for the minimalist side, especially on the track Flying Over Europe. An essentially instrumental album - apart from the previously mentioned track - which pays homage to the now defunct electronic formations, the pioneers of genre now become classic, but that was at the time a monumental revolution. Excellent tracks where the melody wrangles with the contrasted, murky and surrealist atmospheres of a record that has fulfilled all qualitative objectives. A new star - one more - is born on the Peninsula.

Recommended !

Stéphane F.
April 2002

Contact, commande et label :

c/o Pasquale Lomolino
via Tagliamento 91
70031 Andria (Ba)