The Infant Cycle - Remote - CD - Jim DeJong

This Canadian project began its activities in 1992. Since they have released several recordings on CD, vinyl and tape. Thanks to the attentive ear of Jim deJong, this album - available as a tape on the Belgian label EE Tapes - is now released out on CD for our great pleasure. Putting a label on them turns out to be a difficult challenge, as their music is unique. At times, one has the impression that if Ian Curtis was still alive today, and if he made experimental music, it would sound like The Infant Cycle. Maybe it is due to the coldness that oozes out of the compositions, to the metronomical rigour of the drums - muffled and mortuary -, to the icy echoes, to the solemn and tense atmosphere, to the impression that it could not be else wise. The Infant Cycle like to explore the tensions between the different natural forces that oppose each other, to measure this constant duality between order and chaos, movement and immobility, whilst mixing these notions to create a single universe. The sounds come from different sources, by creating repetitive loops, adding a multitude of various sounds from a radio program, magnetic fields, random sound effects. One never knows if one is in the domain of strict compositions or pure improvisation, and its there that is situated the charm of this record. Remote represents a new stage in the musical evolution of The Infant Cycle, who's name, if the world was perfect, should be on the lips of all confirmed music lovers.

Excellent !

Stéphane F.
Eté 2002

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