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We had already reviewed their album "Time Leaves You Behind", and here appears this 4 track ep, in the same vein. We remain amongst the same references, the late seventies in New York, with Television, Patti Smith et al, whose bases can eternally be found in the Velvet Underground. Incidentally, Stellan Wahlström left his native Sweden to live in New York between 1994 and 1999. At times, one also thinks of Bob Dylan. And closer to us, of the regretted Jivaros Quartet, Dominic Sonic, Luna / Galaxy 500 and all their offsprings. We remain within the bass-guitar-drums-voice logic, with that hint of nostalgia that invariably reminds one of essential and magic times. Nothing really new with this timeless music, just a faithful continuation of an inheritance of unexpected importance to today's music.

Stéphane F.
Summer 2002

Discography :
- Gör det fort 7''
- Gar igen ep
- Time Leaves You Behind
- So This Is What The End Looks Like

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