SPEAKING SILENCE - The Twilight World - CD - 11 tracks

How could one not remember Speaking Silence's first album, that frailty, that uncommon sensibility, that celestial aura. Then, nothing more, the silence remained silent. Until 1998 when after a miraculous resurrection, an unexpected rebirth, a beautiful second album, "Inside". And the adventure didn't stop there since now comes their third album, the magnificent "The Twilight World". The guitars are still crystalline, the vocals still sparkling and clear, but one feels more impulse, a ravaging energy, definitely magnified by a flawless production. The compositions reveal impressive maturity, a remarkable quality of writing, very diversified, drawn from the emotion of their early ethereal touching-pop, as well as from more atmospheric and electronic or more acoustic and melancholic landscapes. Carla imposes her much improved voice, which spans as much the high range as the low, to lyrics written in French, English and German. An essential record, of a tragic and emotional beauty that definitely brings the French duo to a cult status, in the way of Rise and Fall of a Decade or Collection d'Arnell-Andrea.

Very strongly recommended!!

Stéphane F.
Autumn 2002
Translation: Joan

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