You have certainly read the name of Marc Blackie from the internet fanzine Quiette, but he is also know for his singing activities in Sleeping Pictures, project the regroups, in addition to Mark Blackie's associate Gary Parsons, some prestigious guests such as John Murphy on percussions, Renee Rosen on violin, Tony Wakeford playing bass and Matt Howden for the production. However, don't expect to hear a copy of Sol Invictus because Sleeping Pictures has quite different sound, very particular and characteristic of its founding members. Nevertheless, one can hear a few reminiscences of the Legendary Pink Dots, certainly because of Marc's voice which sounds similar to Edward Ka Spell, or of Eyeless In Gaza, for the tension and the emotion of the compositions. "Chains are Broken" even made me think of one of quieter songs of the Virgin Prunes. Indeed, we expect a different music before the first listen, and it is there that lays the charm and the strength of Sleeping Pictures, in their originality and their integrity. A nervous but mastered guitar, a fragile voice, almost at the breaking point, an emotional and sharp music, romantic and secret. This 5 track ep contains all the ingredients of the record one overlooks and discovers much later, and which makes one wonder how one failed notice such a pearl before. And, as this is the case of the bands their sound reminds me of, I can only hope that the same fate doesn't stick to them as and inventive and passionate music lies hidden in this album. A record that is appreciated over time, like all goods things in life.
To be followed very closely !!!!

Stéphane F.
Summer 2002

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