S.A.T.K.A / Sedarka - Living Twice - 12 tracks - CD - Divine Comedy

The young Marseille based label Divine Comedy advances with great strides, and has esily placed itself amongst the other quality record labels in a record time. After the superb album from A Challenge Of Honour, the furiously industrial one from H.I.V.+, they now release their third production under the form of a split album between two Belgian formations, S.A.T.K.A. and Sedarka. The twelve tracks of this album oscillate between gloomy and tense ambient, veiled in a dark and icy atmosphere of cold shivers and imagined tensions, and rythmic and metallic industrial and refined eletronica. S.A.T.K.A. has marvously managed to link all these tendencies, successfully producing an perfect alliage between the latent tensions and the avered pulsions. Sedarka positions itself un a slightly more complex universe, gliding on more complex and strident consonances, playing with apocalyptic atmospheres and moods. An excellent dark and complex industrial album that allows the discovery of two very promising formations.

Stéphane F.
April 2002

Contact et label :

Divine Comedy
3, rue des 3 Mages
F-13001 Marseille

Tél. : 0033 04914744856
e-mail : opheeling@wanadoo.fr
web : http://divineco.records.free.fr/