Quiet Garden, MCD 4 tracks
Installation, CD 6 tracks

Silent Watcher Of Dark Matter is an ambient project that I know nothing about, apart from these two records, fallen from the sky, as by magic, and I have to admit that luck does things well. Indeed, the virtuosity of these two compositions makes me think of the timeless sonorities of Lustmord, Christopher Heemann or Mirror, to quote only them. Long atmospheric passages, dark and heavy, break through a multitude of sounds, resulting in serene clarity, a bright and silky light, lulled by a luxurious nature. Samples and electronic cohabit with a bass, a guitar and a mandolin, unrecognisable after all the treatments inflicted upon them. The music follows its own path, marked by implacable drones. A dark music, as menacing as it's welcoming, in perfect symbiosis with the cosmos, from where the abrasive shudders and the salutary torments of an emerging dawn spring forth.

Strongly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
Summer 2002

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