PLANETALDOL - ROHYPNOISE - Hierba Loca - Démo CD-R - 10 tracks - 2002

The unipersonal project of Anthony Colas, Planetaldol Rohypnoise, explores with this demo the paths of electro-experimental music. Ten tracks that range from the pure experimental 'Nov 55' to the dark electro-experimental, almost ambient, 'M 33' with more ritual tracks like 'Petite queue de Lion' or 'Dec 22'.
'Hierba Lorca' is an auto-production that offers a rich panorama of sounds (and treatments inflicted upon them) that, nonetheless, might turn out to be an un-easy listening to those less inclined to appreciate experimental sounds...
A promising French project that it would be interesting to follow with a production supported by a label... Which is all we wish him...

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2002
Translation: Ian

Anthony Colas
49 avenue Carnot
91300 Massy