ORAISON - Au commencement... - CD - 12 tracks - Vaws - 2002

This album is the re-issue of the demo tape from this Aix en Provence band together with some tracks recorded during a concert in Marseille. So, one should not be surprised by the quality of the recording on some songs. But, this does not prevent one from hearing the quality of the compositions, which are real unpolished diamonds. Oraison play a classic brand of neofolk music based on guitars, percussions and of masculine and feminine voices. Even if this deliberately intimate music has nothing innovative, it nonetheless possesses an undeniable warmth, which reflects the Provencal roots of this bands. A warmth that fills the auditor with a torpor favourable to dreams of the glorious past of a land of legends.

A nice album that will bring a ray of sunlight to the long winter nights to come.

Ian C.
October 2002

Contact :
Oraison : http://opn.free.fr/oraison.htm
Vaws : http://www.vaws.de/