Our God Weeps - Unity - CDR - 11 tracks - auto-production

Unity is the third self-produced album from Our God Weeps, a one man Hungarian project. It is a concept album that deals with the nexus between God and Humanity. This concept is developed in the Hungarian lyrics (fortunately translated in the booklet) that explore the analogies between God and Janus.
The eleven tracks form a harmonious unity of sense and purpose, which reveal the maturity and the quality of the musical compositions. The music itself, is a subtle mix of religious neoclassic elements and low-key martial percussions, enlightened by Madura Janos captivating voice. The tone and the sonority of the spoken Hungarian vocals fit the music perfectly, and contribute greatly to the ever-present harmonious liturgical atmosphere. This is more than just beautiful music; it's a spiritual experience...

A very promising project that should appeal to all the amateurs of Elijah's Mantle and Actus.

Ian C.
April 2002

At times, the disturbing and disagreeable impression of having heard it all, slyly rises, one wrongly thinks he can no longer be surprised, disturbed or dazzled by new sounds or new melodies. The absurd idea that the circle is circled imposes itself, even if rejected, and it is always during those moments that a record appears from nowhere and offers us a salutary respite, saving us from an indelicate deadlock and opening regally the way to celestial light. And the surprise beats all expectations. What a record ! How can such a beautiful album present itself as an auto production, as it should figure proudly amongst the catalogue of labels such as Eis & Licht, Cynfeirdd, Oktagön (whose sad demise I have just learnt...) and many others.

Madura Janos is the sole member of this Hungarian project who has already released three productions, with Unity representing the most accomplished work to this day. Of course, the comparison with other Hungarian projects such as Actus or Scivias are not fortuitous, as the atmosphere and the feeling (and the climate) of Our God Weeps music is close to the aforementioned formations, while surpassing them at times in quality. And if "Our God Weeps" turns out to be the title of the first track of Arcana's album "Dark Age of Reason", this filiation is inscribed in a premeditated logic, the universe of Peter Pettersson is sufficiently close to that of Madura Janos. A universe tinted by ambient and symphonic music, of mortuary fanfares soothed by warlike rhythms, of majestic melancholic and haunted harmonies, similar to a requiem played on an organ, leaving for sole legacy the effigy of proud statues, part angel and part demon, carved into stone. A dark and martial music, where heavy percussions contend with military drum rolls, accompanying magnificent neoclassic melodies to a backing of text, authoritatively recited in Hungarian by a deep and imposing voice. A spirituality influenced by pagan mythology and traditional religion, emerges all along this album that analyses the relation between men and God, or their gods. The impressive richness of the compositions, where the research of diversified sonorities is associated with an efficient instrumentation, contributes the extraordinary aura of these eleven tracks and brings a tragic and mysterious beauty to the whole. Throughout this initiatory voyage other names come to mind such as Elijah's Mantle, in The Nursery, or even Camerata Mediolanense, Blood Axis, Endraum or Maelifell's "Eternité" at times. However, these references are not sufficient to explain the majestic maturity of this work, strongly anchored in its geographical and historical roots, that stems from the spirit of a musician of jubilatory talent. After the tidewave of Italian supremacy, will the new revolution come from he East ?

A revelation as well as a "coup de cœur" ! Strongly recommended !

Stephane Fivaz
April 2002

web : http://www.tar.hu/ogw
e-mail : ourgodweeps@freemail.hu