NORDVARGR / DRAKH - Cold Void of Nothing - CD - 6 tracks - Fluttering Dragon

Nordvargr / Drakh is the dark ambient side-project of MZ412, a group rather known for their powerful and ravaging industrial sound assaults. Sombre and hypnotic, the music progresses slowly, in crescendo, to better infiltrate the soul. Unsettling incantations, morbid and ritual, underline the malaise engendered by this glaucous and divinely sordid atmosphere. Words suddenly emerge, pervading an incandescent sonic magma, liberating an intrinsic force that is hard to keep under control. A good dark ambient album that aptly employs elements of industrial music without denying the sound of their original group.

Stéphane F.
September 2002
Translation : Volker

Informations :
Fluttering Dragon
PO Box 182
03-700 Warszawa