NOOSFERA - Junghian Epiphanies - CD - Oktagön & Misty Circles

Noosfera is a new name in the Italian musical landscape, and emerges from the shadows on the excellent structure that was Oktagön. However, it's hard to talk of neofolk here, even if the acoustic guitar is omnipresent. Indeed, the very essence of this music is anchored in the tradition of intimate folk music, as much English as American. The marking references that appear to be the most evident are all the same very hard to pin point, but an attentive listen reveals some reminiscences of Labradford and Tarentel, but also with the ex God Machine of Sophia, or even some affinities with Piano Magic of the defunct Slowdive, Pale Saints and the covers of the mythical project This Mortal Coil. A music that draws its roots from dark folk, but which is closer to the melodies of Nick Drake than to those of Death in June. One is lulled by these superb slow and atmospheric tracks, from which emerge a contagious, melancholic and latin, nonchalance. Cesare Marilungo, the unique mind of this formation, has nonetheless succeeded in imposing an uncommon style in a musical environment that is more or less stereotyped, moving away with ease from a sound largely present amongst other musicians, to let his imagination and his creativity of redoubtable integrity explode. Indeed the sound calls for comparisons, but this purified, intimate and authentic music privileges atmospheres through its timelessness.

A magnificent record that balances vocal tracks with instrumental passages, that ends with a long ambient piece of the best effect. An undeniable success.

Stéphane F.
Summer 2002

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