NUF - Démo 1

I don't know anything about this formation apart from this demo containing 13 eclectic and dissimilar tracks. But this doesn't alter the quality of the music. Apart from a few wheezy incursions of metal guitars, found here and there on some tracks, all these instrumental tracks unveil a blend of neat and melodic post rock, whose composition have nothing to envy of the tenors of the genre, be they from the States of from Canada. But the full potential of NUF's compositions reside in their incredible imaginative power, in that faculty to create pictures in our dreamy minds, in that intrinsic potential to include visual sequences in their music. These people should devote themselves to cinema, as their music is so adapted to soundtracks of all styles. The pictures appear from everywhere, when one doesn't expect them, almost naturally. But this shouldn't occult the tracks ease, alternating clear and limpid compositions, powerful and angry, even noisy and vaguely experimental (my favorites as they remind me My Bloody Valentine). The whole lacks a bit of coherence, but this should not be interpreted as a defect, but rather as large vision on a wide variety of diverse musical tastes. All they need to find is their way...
Based on this demo, I can only ascertain that the hopes placed on NUF are great, and the surprise of seeing them come back soon in revealing force will only be small. To be followed closely !

Stéphane F.
Summer 2002

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