MIGALA - Restos de un Incendio - CD - 13 tracks - Acuarela

Migala is probably the most gifted spanish formation of the moment. For those who may have missed their first albums, and the penultimate in particular, the acclaimed Arde, can stay reassured because their latest record "Restos de un Incendio" is their best to date. Seeing as it is always easy to label bands, to sum them up it would be easier to describe them as the Spanish Tindersticks, as their compositions are close to the spirit and the construction of Stuart Staples bittersweet melodies. We remain in the particular universe of blues mixed with indie rock, familiar to Nick Cave. The additional charm comes from the fact that some songs are sung in Spanish, which encourages us to think that Migala should abandon Sheakspeare's language, present on a few songs, to retain only their own, much more adapted to their intoxicating melancholy. A halftone music, veiled and muffled, never revengeful but always awaiting an opportunity, coated in intimate guitars, a discrete yet imposing voice, a unique atmosphere. Those who succumbed to the first two Tindersticks albums - the best two in my opinion - will enjoy this Spanish disk that can only be found in the best tavernas.

A marvel !

Stéphane Fivaz
Summer 2002

Contact :
web : http://www.migala.net

Label :
Acuarela à Madrid
web : http://www.acuareladiscos.com