MARCO FRANCINI - Echos - CD - 12 tracks -
Musica Maxima Magnetica

Here's another record from Italy, from Naples to be more precise, and to complete the peninsula's scene, this album is a true slap on the face, because its impressive beauty seems unreal and unexpected. Once listened, this album doesn't let go of you, and all the other records in the genre seem suddenly dated. Once again, the cult label Musica Maxima Magnetica has won its bet of presenting outstanding artists who play celestial and divine music. This album is made of pure ambient music, recorded directly with the help of percussions, of several voices, various materials and seashells. A superb ambient and experimental music based on an impressive work on the voices added to an ethno-ambient music with Mediterranean roots, drawing its roots from ancient traditions of a land of legends, accompanied by ritual percussions. Each track was recorded in a specific location, such as the ancient thermal baths of Baia, or in Bacoli, or by the lake Averno, locations all situated in historical sites of the Flegrea region near Naples. Each title was created during its recording, drawing its inspiration directly from the site where the recording took place and using advantageously the specific acoustics of the site. The music was not composed at random, but on the contrary, an extensive research was made for each site in order to capture the very essence of the location, to draw its essential substance, its soul and spirit, which are thus retranscribed throughout the compositions. The first word that comes to mind when listening to this music is "freedom"; so much these notes float in the air, randomly sweeping in and out, like an unsubduded wind. Apart from the second title, the tracks are exclusively instrumental, yet each one contains a sentence, written in the booklet, drawn from the work of an artist how meant a lot at one moment or another for Marco Francini and his musicians, thus we discover quotations from Virgil, Marcel Duchamps, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis or Dante. An album that carries on things from where Dead Can Dance left them, only in a better way !

Fantastic and sublime !!! Strongly recommended !

Stéphane Fivaz
Summer 2002

Contact :
Marco Francini
Via Jannelli, 45/E
80131 Napoli

Label :
Musica Maxima Magnetica
P.O. Box 2280
50100 Firenze
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Distribution :
Karma Distribuzioni
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