MAENAD - A Thousand Petals - CD - 4 tracks - Textrecords

Maenad come out of the shadows with their first ep on the American - like them - structure, Textrecords, a label specialised in the diffusion of ambient, experimental and electronic music. And Maenad fills all these conditions marvellously. Indeed, these four long tracks, very ambient in their form, submerge us in a throbbing and stroking beauty, which wrap little by little the subtle charm of their heady tentacles around our subjugated soul. Long passages of Olympian quietude stretch tirelessly to the flow of electronic sound experimentations and the samples of natural elements such as water. Each track title was revealed through dreams, and the sounds present in this music are extracted from radio broadcasts or from travels in Turkey and other countries. The members of Maenad also advance and interest in, amongst others, autopsies, medical research,... etc. After several listens, one thinks of Nurse With Wound, of the more free flowing experimentations of Steve Stapleton in collaboration with David Tibet, one also thinks of the Hafler Trio or even Coil or Maeror Tri at times. If the rose represents for you one of the flowers the most filled with romance and cruel beauty, then the superb cover of this record will not leave you indifferent.

Magnificent, recommended !!

Stéphane Fivaz
Eté 2002

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