Lux Interna - Unreleased tracks - 2001

I have always lauded the first efforts of Lux Interna, first their tape demo, then their CD and vinyl "Truth and Beauty and all their Severity", released on the fabulous German label Eis & Licht. This American band already possessed the little something that made them so particular. And now Joshua has sent me 6 new tracks, composed since the merited success of their first production. Joshua had warned me that he wanted to explore several different musical paths in the future, in order to avoid stagnation. Indeed, you can recognise his characteristic voice, similar to that of Andrew Eldritch, but the compositions have won in freedom and freshness. Lux Interna go where the wind guides them, avoiding the reefs of pure neofolk, to concentrate on a more personal music, winning its titles of nobility and its independence. For our great pleasure, Kathryn adds her voice to one track, and sings on several others as an accompaniment, bringing softness and fragility to the edifice, a perfect contrast to Joshua's dark and haunted sonorities. The instrumentation is always so clear and limpid, with guitar, bass, keyboard and percussive sounds. The mystical and folk atmosphere imposes a a contemplative silence, that favours the listening. The impression of hearing a gothic version of Leonard Cohen's songs intensifies as the songs progress. Of the 6 tracks present on this demo, two already figure on their new album which has just been released by Eis & Licht, "Absence and Plenum", which is in fact their veritable debut album. These two tracks are the excellent St Peter's Cross and the delicate ballad Flowers under Glass. I don't know if the other tracks present on the demo will be on the new album under different titles. I hope it is the case, because they are really worth the while, beginning with Europe's Green Remnants, with a soothing accordion, a song between Lonsai Maikov and Leonard Cohen. The Drowning explores a much darker aspect, like a long descent to hell; the beautiful The Vision and the Sword gets close to the sublime epics dear to Sol Invictus or backworld. As for the one untitled track, it defines the contours of a music similar to Blood Axis, with an implacable piano melody accompanying a majestically recited text. A music that has become more mature, profound and sincere, creating lively and breathtaking emotions.

I can only strongly recommend you the album that has just been released, that will assure a justified consecration to Lux Interna, which will place the band amongst the best formations of contempory folk noir formations.

Recommended !!!

Stéphane Fivaz
April 2002

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Eis & Licht Tonträger