Lunt - S/T

The Toulouse based label Unique Records was initially created only to commercialise Lunt's music, on the initiative of a friend of the musician, amazed by the his recordings. Unique wouldn't exist with Lunt who returns the favour by offering the label a top quality first production. It all begins with a thrilling sonic magma, a cross between experimental ramblings and Sonic Youth style guitar larsens. The other titles are in the same vein as the melodic tracks of the famous New York combo, with a touch of Pavement and Bill Oldham. An experimental and minimalist folk, sometimes powerful and muddled, sometimes intimate and touching. The album is full of interesting sonic findings, that sprinkle the tracks with noises and sequences that amplify the richness of the compositions. A very nice album from an undeniably talented songwriter, that draws the very essence of its music from the most honourable influences, while letting its autonomy shine in the brightest manner.

Stéphane Fivaz
Avril 2002

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Unique Records
9 rue Tripière
F-31000 Toulouse

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