LEISUREHIVE - Spasm - CD - 11 tracks - Operative Records

Leisurehive is a London based band that has signed on John Murphy's label, Operative Records. And John Murphy, who doesn't have his ears in his pockets, has not been mistaken. Spasm is one of those records that grab your guts on the first listen and does not let go. This is my opinion of course, but as I have noblely venerated the bittersweet melodies of That Petrol Emotion for a long time, and I rediscover in Leisurehive the same strength, the same urgency, the same razor edge emotion, I have the impression of living a rebirth, a reincarnation. Even more so since Daniel Knowler tone of voice sounds strangely similar to Steve from the defunct That Petrol Emotion. The music is just slightly more nervous and closer to the industrial-folk roots with some repetitive and heady sequences. One also thinks of the first vinyl recordings of the Cranes, with that bitter and hard sound, emerging from the innards of post-punk and engulfing the mesh of industrial. A powerful, organic music comparable to the Young Gods playing with real guitars. A perfect instrumentation, which apart from guitars, bass and percussions also includes a violin and samples. The band is well known for their remarkably intense performances, which also stand out on this marvellous album. Between tenacious nostalgia and traditional avant-guard.
Strongly recommended !!

Stéphane F.
Summer 2002

Contact :
e-mail : leisurehive@hotmail.com
web : http://www.geocities.com/leisurehive

Label :
Operative Records
Web : http://www.operative-records.co.uk