KUROTOKAGE - Call to the Deep - CD - 11 tracks - Fluttering Dragon

Kurotokage is a French duo previously operating under the Asmorod moniker. Their studies of music and oriental culture urged them to create this group, owing its name to a novella by Edogawa Ranpo. A very rich and varied instrumentation contributes to the excellence of this album. In addition to the considerable electronic work realised, we meet a multitude of instruments of Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Indonesian, and Indian origin. This blend of ethnic and tribal sounds with digital ambient surfaces adds an exceptional touch to these compositions beyond reproach. All the qualities so highly estimated with Lustmord, TUU, or Temps Perdu?, to mention but a few, are right here. Kurotokage would marvellously fit into the catalogue of Prikosnovénie, or sit with the Amplexus roster. One is equally reminded of the latest recordings by Dead Can Dance. An ardent luminosity, coming from the dark, scorching the eternal ice, whirling around the snowy peaks of the highest mountains, delving into the obscurity of the jungles. Kurotokage masters the elements, unites the terrestrial powers for a mystical encounter of Orient and Occident.

Highly recommended, excellent work!

Stéphane F.
September 2002
Translation : Volker

Information :
Fluttering Dragon
PO Box 182
03-700 Warszawa