Instincts & Bustum - The Mystery Visions (1st Cycle) - CD - 10 Tracks - Cyclic Law

Instincts (the solo project of Frédéric Arbour) debut album "The Mystery Visions" is a musical and visual collaboration with the graphic artist Bustum. It is presented in a lavish fold out cover containing the CD and fifteen duotone cards of collages from Bustum and photographs by Frédéric Arbour, that provide an ideal visual support to the music.
Instincts uses machines, acoustic guitars and percussions to create dark and eerie soundscapes that combine dark ambient and neoclassic elements. It is impossible to make one track stand out, as each track is equally important to the progression of the album that takes the auditor though a range of varied emotions, which, nonetheless, remain within the realm of a cold and timeless desolation...
A very interesting project.

Ian C.
April 2002


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