V/A - Infernal Proteus - A Musical Herbal - 4 CDs - 40 tracks - The Ajna Offensive - 2002

The Ajna Offensive, an American label who has already drawn our attention with the simple but uncommon release of Wolfskin's 'Gatherer of Shadows', has taken up the challenge of releasing a compilation of a new kind and none less original 'a musical herbal'...
Regrouping no less than forty artists declined over four carefully arranged CDs and presented in a beautiful hardback book of 96 pages. Each artist, free to choose the plant or the tree of his choice, disposes of a double page in colour to present his visual and even literary contribution... The result is a beautiful book, an essential guide to the discovery of a new musical experience... One will not be disappointed by the tracks offered by the formations whose talent is already recognised... Allerseelen delivers one of his best tracks with 'Eidelweiss' just like Apoptose with 'oak', a disquieting yet also reassuring atmospheric track dedicated to the oak tree. Marrying with harmony various styles - folk, ambient, pop, electronica...- this musical herbal also reveals some pearls, amongst which I cannot help mentioning Kern and Van Pelt and their beautiful and timeless contribution 'Pomegranate'... without forgetting Waldteufel and In Gowan Ring, who each in his own style, put their dark folk music to the service of an ambitious but successful project! Indeed, some tracks will not please all, but one has to recognise the musical homogeneity of each disk... The tracks flow naturally, without a radical change of atmospheres, whilst remaining in the heart of the Flora... A real pleasure for the auditor while he turns the pages of this herbal...

A production of great quality, far above the 'whorish, all inclusive and uninteresting' compilations, that perfectly realises the fusion between music, the illustration and text... at the service of Nature...

Excellent and indispensable!

Nathalie F.
Autumn 2002
Translation: Ian

web: http://www.theajnaoffensive.com
e-mail: ajna@mail.theajnaoffensive.com

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