HEID - Arktogäa - CD - 7 tracks - Cold Meat Industry - 2002

With "Arktogäa" the Swedish ambient newcomer band Heid release their second album which is of typical Cold Meat Industry-style (although they signed on the Malignant-label). Being far from original, this album consists of seven untitled tracks of decent dark ambient soundscapes. The first track sets the tone for what is to follow: bells, echoes, gurgling and somewhat irritating dragging sounds. Later on hissing noises appear, whistling, factory noise, sporadic piano melodies and dark drones swelling up and down.
Heid take a rather industrial approach to their musical subject. By sometimes interlacing moderate rhythms that are kept in the brackground, they succeed in creating rather a feeling of uneasiness throughout the album that to set their listener into hypnotic trance like, for example Raison D'Être use to do. On the other hand, there are, of course, mystical chants included that are certainly reminiscent of the aforementioned Swedish artist. Human voices are only to be found in distorted form, like male laughter and strange singing on track four and five that give you the association of ancient demons uttering and murmuring from the depths of urban ruins.
Whilst I was not overly enthusiastic about this album, I would still recommend it to connoisseurs of higher-quality dark ambient. At least, this is none of those albums you will unwillingly fall asleep to! There is enough going on to prevent the music from fading into the background.

Dirk A.
December 2002