Harvest Rain - A frost comes with the wind - MCD - 5 tracks - OPN

"A frost comes with the wind" is the first European release, after a brace of promising self-productions, from the American neofolk band Harvest Rain on the French, Marseille based, label OPN. This five track MCD comes with an A5 booklet that contains some visuals and the lyrics for three songs. The main inspirational force of this band is Jason Thompkins, assisted by his brother and friends.
The music is sad and melancholic, with drawn out melodies reflecting Jason's slow southern drawl. The songs flow naturally and build up a mental image of South Carolina's swamplands bathed in the mysteries of an autumn mist. The highlights of this MCD are the first two tracks "Southern Cross" and "Wotan wears this winter", that are transformed from rough diamonds to gems by the magic touch of Matt Howden's violin and production.
The lyrics reflect the band's American identity and draw their inspiration from the culture and the traditions of America's deep rural south. They are the voice of the old south's popular traditions, and evoke an ovelooked aspect of America that has more to do with mysteries and legends, survivors of distant European traditions, than with McDonalds and the usual Hollywood non-cultural junk...
The initial pressing of this MCD is only 300 copies, so act fast!

Ian C.
April 2002

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