Flaming Fire - Get old and die with Flaming Fire

This band from Brooklyn possess all the attributes of fire, it's warmth, it's brightness, it's untamed mobility, it's magic. And their second album is a consecration. Impossible to classify, their music draws its inspiration from life and death, God and paganism, the cosmos. One has the impression of hearing a delirious Theo Hakola from Passion Fodder raving to an experimental and noisy folk music, celebrating a pagan ritual surrounded by the flames of the apocalypse. A destructured blues that owes as much to Birthday Party as to Gun Club, Crime and the City Solution, The Cramps, the Dirty Three and Gallon Drunk. But their sound goes much further, it shaves the harmonies and leaves to one side all the serious aspects in favour of an incomparable derision. Like Nick Cave in the "Wings of Desire", one could find them accompanying Fellini sequences, playing covers of Psychic TV. Their live performances are particularly theatrical, with the compulsory masks and ancient Greek costumes. An excellent album, beyond fashions and genres, whose musical quality goes hand in hand with the extravagance of its authors. An indispensable musical parenthesis, delirious and beyond norms. An intelligent mix of pagan folk and noise, brilliant !

Stéphane Fivaz
April 2002

Contact et label :

Flaming Fire Music
PMB 112, 302 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Web : http://www.flamingfire.com