FEELINGS OF NOWHERE - s/t - 4 tracks - Demo

We had already singled out Feelings of Nowhere on their label's compilation Str8line, upon which they distinguished themselves by the quality of their songs. Here, they have sent us a 4 track demo, which distils a synthetic new wave of the best effect. The duo know how to dose correctly their writing to create their own sound, even if it has been popular for a long time now thanks to Depeche Mode, Camouflage or New Order, to name but a few. Indeed, they do not hide their influences. Today, we would compare them to Wolfsheim, Mesh or Covenant. Their compositions are catchy, danceable and melancholic, filled with a sweet nostalgia.
The instrumentation is a total success, they know how to dose each instrument, to keep only what is essential. They have the all the trump cards to rival with their European peers. A name that the electro-pop scene will have to count on.

Stéphane F.
Summer 2002

Contact :
web : http://feelingsofnowhere.free.fr

Contact label :
Str8line Records
BP 11
F-61270 Aube
e-mail : str8line@ifrance.com
web : http://str8line.free.fr