DEADLY ACTIONS - Live retrospective 1994-1996 -
Video Pal Hifi-stereo - Nuit et Brouillard - 2002

We had to wait for many long years to discover, at last, this video, but it goes without saying that the result lagely supasses the expectations. The French label Nuit et Brouillard, initiators and organisors of the Deadly Actions festivals, offer here a four hour document that presents a retrospective of the first three editions (1994 - 1995 - 1996) upon which figures the quasi totality of the participating artists... ALLERSEELEN, ANENZEPHALIA, ASCHE, BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, CON-DOM, DEUTSCH NEPAL, DIVE, ENDURA, GENOCIDE ORGAN, THE GREY WOLVES with CON-DOM, THE HYBRYDS, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, IUGULA-THOR, LA NOMENKLATUR, LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE, MENTAL DESTRUCTION, PREDOMINANCE, SÖLDNERGEIST, STIGMA and ZOVIET FRANCE
Far from being a mere compilation of performances, the attentive editing and the pertinent choice of introduction sequences for each performance help recreate an atmosphere and maintain a perceptible overall unity. Some "sonic assaults" such as those of Anenzephalia and Con-Dom, just to mention some, manage to vent all their power and strength, even through a interposed screen... as for the cult French band La Nomenklatur, they bring once agin the proof that they are far from being equalled...
The video comes with a threefold booklet and the contacts of all the participants, is presented in a unobstetious black box orned with a silkscreened metal plate in line with the overall sober realisation.

A unique and indispenable document.

Nathalie F.
Summer 2002