CRUELTY CAMPAIGN - Distressed Signals - CD - 9 tracks - Tesco Organisation - 2002

A new project from California, Cruelty Campaign explores the paths of experimental industrial music. This first album "Distressed Signals" released on the German label Tesco Organisation is a veritable discovery! Their music is based on many varied sound samples (interviews, film excerpts, public announcements...), and manages to create an ensemble that is pleasant to listen to even for those less likely to appreciate drones and sound collages. A sort of dark and strange voyage marked by numerous samples that may not be apprehended on a casual first listening. The echoes of our daily environment mingle with strange voices to form a whole that is strongly marked by a dark and intriguing postmodern atmosphere...
An album with a capacity of attraction on the listener that becomes more intense with each listening. A very interesting and original first production. Recommended !

Nathalie F.
October 2002

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