Cawatana - Demo CD

Cawatana is a Hungarian neofolk formation whose music is similar to some German formations such as Aurum Nostrum or Sonne Hagal. The compositions are based around the acoustic guitar and keyboards, rhythmed by discrete percussions. The male and female vocals succeed and superpose each other, delicate and fragile, subtle and ethereal, a velvet caress of deep melancholia. From Hungary, we already know Actus and Scivias, and Cawatana can pleasantly be situated halfway between these two formations. This 4 track CD was recorded more than a year ago and an album will soon be released. This group should soon make a name for itself as the quality of their music is undeniable and their compositions are very convincing. They would largely deserve to be on a label such as Eis & Licht. You can already listen to some songs on their website.

To be followed attentively. Excellent !

Stéphane F.
April 2002

Contact :

C/o Kiss Balázs
5600 Békésscsaba
Pozsonyi u. 66.

e-mail :
web :

The tracks are available as mp3s on their website !