Forbid the Sun's Escape

When three Sol Invictus members join to record an album, I can't imagine being deceived by the result. Tony Wakeford obviously only play with talented people. Sally Doherty, Matt Howden and his wife Jane Howden collectively participated to the unique beauty of albums like Cupid and Death, the Blade, In Europa, In a Garden Green and the two l'Orchestre Noir albums.

Titles are sung by Jane's beautifull and warm voice, and by Sally Doherty's etheral and elfic voice, which reminds of what she did on her solo albums. There's also one excellent track featuring Tony Wakeford on vocal (nicely distorted). A lot of influences appear to our mind when listening to these songs, like Cocteau Twins, Jarboe, Bel Canto, Sally Doherty's solo projects, Karl Blake and of course Sol Invictus.

War, loneliness, nature, ancient times, legends are amongst the main themes we can find in this marvellous album. This is a very fine release, one of the best this year. I can't recommend you enough to buy this CD.

(Tursa 023CD) 1999, distribution World Serpent.

infos : Tursa, BM Sol, London, WC1N 3XX

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