Piano Magic

Low Birth Weight

What an amazing album ! Starting where My Bloody Valentine or. The Pale Saints sadly stopped their masochistic sonic lamentations, Piano Magic can already be considered as the spear head of the excellent young label Rocket Girl.

Piano Magic appears more as being a community of different musicians with many guests. Among them we have the nice pleasure to find Simon Rivers of the Bitter Springs, David Sheppard of SRW, Raechel Leigh of Baby Birkin, and the delightful reappearance of Peter Astor, taking temporarily leave of his other new projects, The Wisdom of Harry and Ellis Island Sound (with David Sheppard).

A very rich musical structure with electronic soundscapes in the background, paradoxically nearly minimalistic, with a fragile male or female voice, clearing a way through delicate melodies. It made me think about Telstar Ponies, Felt, the Pastels, or even Hood, Low, Third Eye Foundation, Labradford… All these delicious and hypnotic bands which sound so perfectly melodic and nicely poisonous. The sleeve is amongst the best I have ever seen, beautifully naive and romantic, which would easily be to David Tibet's taste, as a big cat lover he is.

This is already the second album, the first being available on Che Records. There's also an album in the "Mort aux Vaches" series from Staalplaat cultlabel. A compilation of all their singles will be released soon on Rocket Girl.

(Rocket Girl, rgirl 6, 1999)

More informations on : http://www.rocketgirl.demon.co.uk

Discography :
- Piano Magic - wintersport (ire 203) 12"
- Piano Magic - popular mechanics (ire 210 ) cd , lp
- Piano Magic - A Trick Of The Sea/Bliss Out v.13 Darla CD
      LP . This latest blissout features the wonderful Piano Magic,
      who deliver two hauntingly dark & moody ambient epics with a
      nautical theme. Halloween Boat and A Trick Of The Sea conjure
      images of gray, misty shores, rusty old ships and a life at sea, far
      away from the trivial concerns of the world.
- Piano Magic - for engineers (wurlitzer jukebox) 7"
- Piano Magic - There's No Need For Us To Be Alone Anymore/The
      Canadian Brought Us Snow (rocket girl) 7" limited transparent red
      vinyl. One track features Darren from Hefner on vocals.
- Piano Magic - Amongst the Books An Angel (acetone) 7"
      this is available in the acetone single club sleeve (all the sleeves
      when put together make one large picture) or a very special beautiful
      limited sleeve with creased tracing paper (especially for rocket girl
      mail order!!!!!)
- Piano Magic/Icebreaker - french mittens/melody for NATO (debut) 7"
- Piano Magic - The Fun Of The Century (piao) 12"  great 4 track
      12". Lookout for the new full length on Rocket Girl in 1999.
- Piano Magic - Music For Annahbird (bad jazz) 7"
- Piano Magic/ Matmos split 7" (lissys)
- Piano Magic - Mort aux vaches (Staalplaat) CD
- Piano Magic - Low Birth Weight (Rocket Girl) CD LP

Stéphane Fivaz
11 novembre 1999