Trees hold time

Andria Degens is far from being unknown in the ambient- industrial scene. She participated (and still does) to many Current 93 albums (you might have seen her photography inside the sleeve of "The starres are marching sadly home") and also worked with Christoph Heemann, Steven Stapleton, the Dirty Three..

Here is her first solo album under the name of Pantaleimon. A long collection of slow folk accoustic-ambient recordings, on which Andria's voice quietly appears, sometimes. Dulcimer, Bouzouki and Singing Bowl are used throughout this album, which seems one of David Tibet's favorites "This album consists of seven pieces of shimmering minimalist beauty, an evocation of timelessness. This is an album of an ineffable and unique beauty, quite unlike anything I have ever heard".

These seven songs have been recorded and mixed by Christoph Heemann, who has worked with artists such as David Tibet, Steven Stapleton and Andrew Chalk. He also recorded solo albums and is a member of HNAS.

A music of bewitching beauty, minimalist and honest, emitting a serene calming. The last track, the longest, is so repetitive that it makes you floating into space… Grab a copy as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Pantaleimon, BM Wound, London WC1N 3XX

The album "Trees Hold Time" is available via World Serpent Distribution.

Heimdallr. December 1999