Morgenstren is coming from the Ars Moriendi "family" ( an industrial band), which means bands like Synapscape, Templegarden's, Asche or M.O.A.T.A - Omen. After having released a lot of split-tapes, Zyklen is their first full-length album released on the excellent Ant-Zen label. Morgenstern is a one-woman project, Andrea Börner, which is rather rare in the industrial world. She started in a tribal style and is now more involved with dark-ritual ambient soundscapes.

Loops, samples, percussions with nice ambient touches, dark and oppressive, mixed with intensive noises and frequencies. . Some tracks remind me sometimes of Deutsch Nepal, Vromb, Synapscape… There's also Andreas Schramm from Asche helping Andrea. The sleeve's design and quality is perfect, as are most of the Ant-Zen releases.

A very nice apocalyptic dark-ritual album, with death-industrial tendencies.

(Ant-Zen, act88) 1999

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Stéphane Fivaz, December 99