Di Lacuna

Teetering on the Edge of Quiet…

Here is a record which brings us  about 10 years ago, when guitar "indie" bands were recording lots of albums on Creation. This 4 tracks e.p. is directly influenced by bands like Pale Saints, Slowdive, Ride or the Boo Radleys at their beginning.

A lackadaisical and melancholic noisy-pop, nervous or restrained, with a typical "indie" sound. Nothing really new but nicely produced with an up-to-date sound. Fat Cat Records, Di Lacuna's label, usually releases more electronic-oriented minimalist bands, like Mice Parade.

The A face offers two tracks with vocals, indie guitar sounds, like a more nervous Blind M. Jones. The B face is instrumental with nice electronic soundscapes, in the same way as if Mogwai was mixed by the Pixies and Tarwater. The sleeve (by Raynor & Mule) shouldn't be forgotten, kind of a manga picture, black and white. Not the best band of the year, but very interesting and pleasant. I'd like to listen to a full-length album though.

Di Lacuna :
-Lee Newell
-John Sephton
-Paul Hemmingfield

Fat Cat Records, 1999
Mixed and cut at Abbey Road, London, 1999.

Heimdallr, November 1999.