25 July 2003

Organised at the initiative of the members of TOPI, the coming of the wandering troubadours of GOR to the capital of the Gauls was a most expected event.

This rendezvous was presented as a musical encounter, introduced by a medieval street performance. On could have thought that the cancellation of the street performance, due to the misfortunes of the group's road travels, could have blighted the serenity of the musicians. Fortunately, it was not the case.

The concert began in all simplicity. Three members of GOR, took place under the vaulted cellar of the Nébuchadnézzar, a concert-café situated in the superb historical neighbourhood of Lyon. The audience, composed of fifty people, sat directly on the floor of this rather cramped venue and the mood was relaxed despite the excessive late July heat. The proximity of the band and the configuration of the place immediately created an alchemy that enabled the listeners to fully enter the enchanting atmosphere of GOR's music. Starting with an impassioned instrumental, an acoustic guitar, a clarinet and percussions married with directly sampled loops built the basis of what was to come: a magnificent voyage, led in a masterly fashion by musicians playing with pleasure and complicity but above all at the service of the music they were building.

For more than an hour and a half, without sparing their efforts despite the excessive heat and moistness of the venue, the three members of GOR, soon rejoined by two companions on the violin and the clarinet, unfurled their landscapes from other times or from various shores. One could believe for a moment that the narrow walls of the venue opened up, to leave room to great spaces suitable for meditation or ecstatic dances. The Cathar period, the ethnic music of Iraq or Bosnia were evoked by Francesco Banchini in his native tongue during the different dialogs he established with the audience. The research, the mystic interrogations and the beliefs of GOR could fully express themselves, served by an excellent sound.

The humanity, the great virtuosity and the humour of the members of GOR turned this concert into a very touching moment. It should be noted that a few more dates are planned for the coming months. Seeing or re-seeing them is just a pleasure that is not to be missed.

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Eté 2003

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