Teatro delle Celebrazioni
Bologna 6th April 2002

The first-ever Coil European Tour saw finally the (moon)light, and brought their first performance in Italy as well. There was good advertising and interesting comments from the press, signs that Balance and Christopherson's seminal role in the development and evolution of electronic music is finally being recognized by a larger audience.
Not less than 1000 people had a seat in the Teatro delle Celebrazioni, an exclusive and elegant theatre in the northern part of Bologna, which has always been one of Italy's most culturally active and attentive cities.

Coil started their performance at 23.00 and immediately took the audience into a state of trance: heavy, beating ritualistic music blew from the speakers as two young boys came on stage completely naked, moving like dummies without expressions. While everybody's attention was stolen and confused by their disturbing presence, as well as by the flashing lights and deep smoke, John Balance and Simon Norris came in from the theatre entrance, wrapped in blood-stained bride veils and carrying red flowers.

This introduction left us breathless and astonished, but we soon recovered as the first song began: "Amethyst Deceivers" from the seasonal solstices singles series. Peter Christopherson provides sublime digital sound quality, while John Balance is free to unleash his wild performing talent.

When "Slur" arrived, claps and screams flew high in the theatre hall: "Horse Rotorvator" remains as a milestone in history, and the 1000 people there were perfectly aware of that.

"Glowworms/Waveforms", "Paranoid Inlay" and other beautiful, hypnotic songs followed for one hour and a half, till the final moment which saw Christopherson and Norris waving and then breaking small neon lights, while the scene completely sank into a deep fog and blinding strobe lights.

Before leaving the stage, John Balance introduced the band members and then told they had a great time in Italy and very much enjoyed to come and bring their performance to our country, hoping to come soon again.

As if it was necessary, Coil showed which kind of artists they are, artists who play for the pleasure of their audience, artists who, after 20 years of seminal works, still remain accessible and humble people, unlikely many of the arrogant kids who have lately raised the head to show us what "industrial" is about.

The night was intense and simply unforgettable, at last good and challenging music for the poor numbed ears of the Italian lands!

Simone Valcauda
April 2002