Could you, please, introduce Ô Paradis, its origins and its members in a few words?

"O Paradis" is my project, a project that has suffer focus and name's changes like any other entity.
In the music, the friendship and love there are feelings that remains, others that go away to return later and others that disappear. I have had a lot of luck with the people who has worked with me, they has been very good collaborators.

The line-up has evolved a bit between the first CD 'Ensuenos' and the second 'Reinos'. Rosa Solé from Circe seems to prefer to express herself through her own project... could we, nevertheless, hope for a future collaboration between Ô Paradis and Circe?

I have a good relation with Rosa, I proposed her to collaborate in the "Ô Paradis" directs and she participated in the recordings of some songs too. Now she has created a fantastic project called "Circe" with a big future. The truth is that we met Gerhard together in a festival. Even though I don't meet Rosa so often, it would be very agreeable to join each other to work with "Allerseelen". I think that Gerhard project is unique, and for me he is a friend that fights with no one interest to make my work known.

It is quite difficult to find the words to describe the music of Ô Paradis. There is so much diversity in your music with sonorities that go from pop, drum'n bass, folk, to electronica... and it also makes me think of bands that are not usually associated with this scene such as Plaid, The Field Mice, Massive Attack, Portishead... to name just a few.
Are they any bands that may have an influence on your musical path?

I don't like "Portishead" because it's an example of a band that sweeten the radical sound of others to obtain some reconnaissance. Even so, I recognize that these English bands have influenced very much in other projects. It's possible that "Reinos" can remind this sound in some part, but it's something that I have yet repaired in the new work. I have been really influenced for bands like : "Crime and the City Solution", "Current 93", "Bowie", "Band of Holy Joy", "Tom Waits", "Novy Svet", "Ark 2", "Allerseelen", "Sex Gang Children", "Coil"...

Despite these 'influences', your music has a characteristic sound, which creates a unique mood. How do you create a song? What is at the beginning: a melody or some words?

I have two ways of composing, one consist in making a song with a bass and then to record the samples and sounds, the other one consist in takink interesting samples for matching them, when they sound correctly I record the letter and melody that sounded in my head.

You also use some samples: a cinematographic excerpt in 'El Fin' or the children's voices on 'Olvidar', for example. Where do they come from? Usually, how do you proceed to choose and integrate a sample in your music?

It's only another recourse. Sometimes taking out concrete things from a discourse it's possible to get a new idea. The sampler that you mention belongs to "The Seventh Seal" of Ingmar Bergman.

In a previous interview, you said that the song 'Felicidad' begins with a manipulated sample from Edith Piaf? Do you have a particular interest in this French artist and more generally in the French popular music of the same period?

The truth it's that I don't recognize very much the work of this artist. I like the records sound of that epoch, and when I listened to the "Edith Piaf" disk, I take my sample.

Personally, I heard of the Ô Paradis existence through Gerhard's (Allerseelen) words. How did you get in contact with him?

Few times I deceive an artist at personal level, but Gerhard is a fascinating person and after knowing him in the "Arkana Europe Festival" he came some days to my house and I could know better the person who is behind "Allerseelen".

Can you tell us a bit more about the split 7" 'Funke/El astro rey' with Allerseelen that will be released soon?

Gerhard has created a song inspired in the sun, the fire and that kind of textures and I acompany him in this 7" with another song inspired in the solar phenomenon. He lights the life for consuming it later.

I am sure I am not the only person who would like to listen to a complete album with Allerseelen, Circe and Ô Paradis... is it something that could see the light in a near future?

Many thanks, I am very happy you like it. If Gerhard and Rosa want to record a complete Cd, for me it would be an honour.

Talking about future releases, a 7" picture-disc with Novy Svet should be released soon to promote your shared album to come in May on HauRuck! 'Entre siempre y jamas, suben las mareas duermen las ciudades'. Can you give more details about these two releases and your relations with the Austrian formation Novy Svet?

Jürgen is an artist too much big for this world. He and Ulla are full of humility and nobleness, virtues that are scare in this epoch. To record with them, has been for me very easy, and during this experience of two months, we lived very magic moments.

Are there any future releases planned on your own label 'El Circulo Records'?

My illusion is create in a future a label to help bands without patron and my own work. This is the idea, but now there is no money. I need still to learn a lot about commercial subjects.

Ô Paradis also feature on the magnificent Infernal Proteus book/CDs. How did you get in contact with the Ajna Offensive label?

After recording "Marquès de Pubol", Gerhard help us to be in touch with some friends like Tyler Davis. The result was the opportunity to participate in some compilations like the beautiful "Infernal Proteus".

You contributed to this compilation with a song about the 'Lotus'. Why did you choose this specific flower?

Because it's a flower that has to do with the Induism from I like to catch symbols and metaphors. The flower that fleet in calmed waters in the eternal night. The eye still closed of the conscience.

Some photos from Ô Paradis feature in the Ensuenos booklet. Could you say a few words about your past concerts?

They were experiences very special because of our ingenuousness when we came out to the stage, it was maravellous. Now I have other collaborators in direct, other magic, other alchemy formula.

What can one expect from a Ô Paradis performance? Which musicians accompany you on stage?
Are there any concerts planned in the future?

In this moment we are three, and basicly we preparing the songs of the next album.

Let's talk about your very nice website - -. Are you responsible for the superb graphics? And could you explain the reasons for choosing a moon as a symbol on the banner?

I am only responsible of the ideas. I am horrible working the images, I can only the music.For me the "Ô Paradis" symbol is a dissapointed face, the pallid and exhausted face of the moon.

Can we hope for a more frequently updated website in the future?

Of course, in this moment it's updated yet.

To stay in the domain of internet, did you have the curiosity to follow the link that leads to the first French virtual cemetery? What does it inspire to you?

I like very much the eccentric ideas. I don't share this one, but it's so "Kitch" that it's an honour to share the name with this absurd.

I think I am not wrong if I say you introduce yourself as a Catalan artist. The lyrics are in Catalan on the 7" shared with Circe and Allerseelen. To what extent does your Catalan identity and culture have an influence on your music?

The "Catalan" is a very beautiful language, but I prefer to use the Spanish because I think in this language. Spain is as divided as Europe, there are to much irreconciliable ideologies and it's difficult to grow this situation. The Spain culture is very rich, varied and different depending on the region. Artists like "Dali" and "Gaudi" are very mediterranean and obviously the centre Spain art is different. I think that all of this has indirect influence in "O Paradis". I like the mediterranean term for my songs. I love the land where I live but without a nationalist sentiment.

Precisely, as a Catalan, how do you see Europe? Do you feel part of this union of nations or do you believe more in a union (because of geographical, cultural... specificities) of regions beyond the present borders?

I think it's beautiful that the countries preserve their cultures. It's sad to see how Europe coutries come together economically and remove at more high levels.

Most of your lyrics deal with the theme of the sea, symbol of the infinity and certainly part of your Mediterranean influences/roots. I am a Mediterranean person myself who feels the necessity of being close to this immensity and I wonder if you could live far from the/this sea?

I live at twenty minutes in car of the bank that separates these two worlds, the sea and the land, it's a privilege for me.

It is not a secret that you like to travel... Which places, because of the magical feelings surrounding them or their inherent atmosphere, are amongst your strongest memories?

I like very much the cities like "Praha", "Lisboa", "Barcelona"...but sometimes it's better to escape of the civilization to find remote and bucolic places. The Pyrenees are perfect to find this peace.

A last question: what albums are you listening to at the moment and what are you reading?

The book I am reading is "Fernando Pessoa's complete poetry" and what I am listening to is "Raven" from Lou Reed.

The last words are for you... Is there anything you would like to add?

I hope to have soon the privilege to know you personally and to have a concert in your country.

Nathalie F.
Spring 2003

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- "Ensuenos" - CD - El Circulo Records
- "Canço de somni" - 7" - Aorta. A collaboration between Allerseelen (Gerhard), Circe (Rosa), Dakshineswar (Demian-Ô Paradis)
- "Reinos" - CD - El Circulo Records
- "Funke/El Astro Rey" - 7" - Allerseelen/Ô Paradis - Aorta


- "Infernal Proteus" (4CDs, Ajna Offensive, 2002)
- "Ducasse" (2 CDs , Stereoskop-Maldoror Records, 2002)