Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

 Can you explain to us the choice of the title "Make love and war" the  wedlock of roses?

‘Make Love, And War’ seemed as a just and balanced title explicating the requirement of Love and War in order for everything to evolve and endure. The requirement of War through the concept of creation, destruction and renewal, and Love in order to satisfy and ensure mankind’s emotional need for affection, prosperity and spiritual well-being.

The ‘The Wedlock of Roses’ seemed equally justified in order to signify  the wedlock between Roses and Equilibrium, and the advancement of Ordo Equilibrio into Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.

What symbolise for you "The Black September"?

I assume that you are familiar with the signification of Black September beyond its incorporation as part of this particular lyric. And the incarnated symbolism is consequently figuratively significant of the entire conflict surging throughout the Middle East, the entire predicament of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the Israeli/American
federation supporting and sanctioning a senseless war of neither beginning nor end, in order to uphold the terror balance in the Middle east and throughout the World as we know it.


 I think Liebe Utopia would make a great live performance, will you play live this spring?

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is presently scheduled for two performances together with Hekate, Sophia & Sephiroth in Gent, Belgium on April 14th and Munich, Germany on April 15th. There is likewise the hypothetical possibility of additional performances in Germany, Italy, Portugal & South America throughout the duration of 2001, but any advancements regarding these activities will naturally be announced at our homepage – http://www.erebusodora.com/ore

On your website there is the sentence:" I have no confidence in the leaders of today and tomorrow. And I have no confidence in the betterment of mankind. I believe we bear witness to a theatre where the blind are leading the blind ". Can you explain your point of you view?

What else is there to say? People are naïve, not to say stupid on the verge of Nourishing from the bosom of politicians and bureaucrats, feeding fabricated contentment in order to pacify and stupefy. The people elect their leaders from their own ranks, and coequally blind they are elected to direct the procession of the blind escorting the blind towards annihilation.

So, are you optimistic in the future of mankind?

I am not particularly optimistic with regards to the future of mankind. Mankind’s contemporary procession is established on the sole motive of transient financial accumulation, intrinsically forsaking all eventual values, standards and morals for the sole accomplishment of this particular cause; money and even more money.

Mankind exploits its surroundings of all its natural recourses, and then proceeds to contaminate the very same surroundings; consciously neglecting the fact that this will effect its continuing persistence, merely by reason of knowing that this will benefit the monetary accumulation. Hence reckoning the terrestrial situation today and conjecturing the situation in fifty years I insignificant optimism. Our contemporary procession is nothing but a theatre where the blind are leading the blind towards congregated annihilation. But why apprehend what is evidently inevitable? All erstwhile societies have perished, why would ours be any different?

Are you elitist?

Am I an elitist? Do I believe there are people more genuinely and intrinsically capable and qualified than others who are capable of advancing further and beyond the average and contemporary advancement of human evolution? Yes. But does this make me an elitist? I don’t know.

One day you told me you mistrust the European Union but do you feel European?

What does European and feeling European imply? Does it suggest that I feel attuned with the politics of the European Union? Hardly. Does it suggest that I feel coequally German, French, Portuguese, Greek and Swedish? Hardly. Does it suggest that I feel the requirement of a one congregated United States of Europe with the capability of opposing the United States of America? Hardly.

Sweden is seemingly part of Europe, hence suggesting that I am European, but this does not make me feel particularly European in the sense of feeling more attuned with the rest of the European population solely by
reason of living in Europa.


Why do you sell the banners you once used on stage?

We thought our former banners had served their purpose; assisting us for a long time over a number of performances throughout Europe, and we consequently decided it was due time to make new banners and hence give someone the opportunity to purchase these items as an ORE memorial.

What do you think of the CMI scene, who other CMI artists are you close to?

What’s there to say? CMI is a good label, comprised of several genuinely qualified and talented artists - a secluded entity, a tangled alliance, for better and for worse.

We have naturally over the years we’ve been involved as part of Cold Meat Industry’s affairs and operations, established particular relations to certain bands and individuals such as Jauni Havukainen/In Slaughter Natives, Peter Pettersson/Sophia/Acrana, Magnus Sundström/The Protagonist and Henrik Björkk/MZ 412 to mention but a few.

Interview : Mickael "Frenchie".

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